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An Introduction To My Music

An Introduction To My Music

A I Love You is my new pop album, to be released track by track. Listen below. For periodic updates regarding new track releases, please subscribe to this website.

My most recent album of instrumental chamber music, Once For Me Turquoise, is on hold for now, but you can hear the completed pieces below.

"Romance, Rain, and Red Hair"

"The Autumn After You Were Gone"

Blue Ink From Red Dust

The music for my 2021 album Blue Ink From Red Dust was inspired by haikus I wrote many years earlier. Below you can read these poems together with some of my favorite pieces from the album.

"A pink sky"

"White peaks"

"The world is wrapped in gauze and turned off"

"Passing cars"

Below are two pieces with titles but no accompanying poems.

"The trail over Lawrence Sound"

"A rain-lashed palm"

You can listen to the complete album below.