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An Introduction To My Music

Most of my compositions are intended to be experienced along with written words....
An Introduction To My Music

Chamber Poems

Most of my compositions are intended to be experienced along with written words. The music for Blue Ink from Red Dust was inspired by haikus I wrote many years ago. Below I present these poems together with some of my favorite pieces from this project.

"A pink sky"

"White peaks"

"The world is wrapped in gauze and turned off"

"Passing cars"

Below are two pieces with titles but no accompanying poems.

"The trail over Lawrence Sound"

"A rain-lashed palm"

You can listen to the complete album below.

Symphonic Novels

The symphonic novel is a new art form that combines music and written text to tell a story. You can think of it as musical animation. Below you can watch my second symphonic novel, Winter Post.  

The symphonic novel is my most important creation. But I've put the composition of new works in this form on hold; my three symphonic novels represent an early stage of my development. Why so?  

Music technology is in an important transitional phase. In a few years we will be able to simulate the orchestra much more effectively than we can today. Primitive technology limited the sound quality I could bring to these works. I prefer to wait until the new technology is mature before I embark on another effort in this genre.

That said, the composing and writing for these works is excellent, and I hope you will take the time to immerse yourself in them and enjoy them.  

Please note that it's very important to wear headphones when listening to a symphonic novel.

Winter Post (2019)

Hoping to find peace in the country, a restless postman accepts a lonely, provincial route through the far north. But his predecessor disappeared mysteriously… and a woman in white expects to be his passenger. Will the winter post be more than he signed up for?

You can download the complete video and album in HD here.